Who are we ?

Right now, we’re a staff of two, I’d like to introduce myself (Simon) and M, we will both be contributing to the site and moderating the form, hopefully we will add some more great people to the staff roster in the future.

Simon –

I’m an IT guy who’s based in London in the UK, I can sometimes be found in Birmingham too.  I developed my attraction to trans-women around the age of 12. I started to explore that attraction properly in my early 20’s.  I didn’t really tell anyone about it until the age of 29, that’s a secret that I carried for a good 17 years.

I know how heavy  a secret like that can become when it follows you everywhere, I’d like other guys to consider me as someone they can talk to when they have no one else to confide in, I’d also like our forum to become somewhere that is safe and open for us to talk.

M and I both feel that there isn’t enough information out there on real trans-women issues and that guys are often unaware of the realities they face.

M –

I’m not a fan of labels, however, for the sake of introductions I am a post-op transsexual. Having began my transition in my teens, I have spent over a decade becoming the woman I am today.

A full-time student, I lead a simple life free of the drama and dissillusion I created for myself in my younger years while transitioning. I do not claim to be an expert on the topic of gender dysphoria, sexual orientation or attraction, I am here only to share my experiences in the hope that others may find them useful.

Dating in general is tough, dating as a teenager is harrowing, dating as a teenager while transiting is excruciating. It’s difficult to know what to look for in a partner when you still don’t know yourself.


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