This wasn’t exactly and article I was planning to write but I guess writing subjects can come from anywhere.  I was actually inspired by a post on Reddit, someone had asked where if there was anywhere friendly enough for her, as that thread expanded I learned there are some awful attitudes towards transgender people.  It got me thinking where does this hate come from, we’re not born with it, so someone must teach us it or indoctrinate us into it.

Why was I so scared for so many years about the way I felt, when to me I was with some of the most beautiful, alluring, intelligent genuine and strong women I’ve ever met.  I’m not a doctor, I’m not a psychologist I might not have the right answers, but I have a theory.  I’m not gay but I know how it’s a stigma in some circles, I know how straight guys act up about it, I know how we use it as a derogatory or negative term sometimes.  I was a afraid that because I was attracted to transgender women or that I was dating someone who was transitioning that I would be regarded or thought of as gay.

To reenforce my point, on 3 occasions where I’ve told someone about my feelings, their reaction was “So you’re gay?”, I always have mixed emotions on hearing that, I softly tried to explain it once, I guess it’s a confusing subject for someone who hasn’t had time to think about it, I was defensive another time, the last time again I tried to softly explain and then cried for hours on my own later.

Ever wondered if a celebrity dated a transgender person, google it, it’s horrific, sensational headlines that only enforce negativity, “Dude look like a lady –  10 Celebrities caught with Trannys” – are you kidding with that headline! they use the word Caught in almost all of these articles, Caught, like what happens when you hide, so we should hide when we date transgender people?

This reflect how I felt for so long, I feared labels, persecution, judgement just like women who transition fear the same things, I hide from who I am and how I felt, honestly, it looks and feels pathetic and cowardly to look back at it now.  The world is changing, slowly, It feels like its getting better, the more subject matter out here on the internet, the better our chance of fighting ignorance with education.

I don’t know where I’m evening going with this article, It’s genuinely fucking sad to know that some people in the world hold such a regressive and stone age…..outright vicious attitude towards transgender people, maybe we can’t change everyone’s opinion, maybe we can change a few, I hope with each new generation of young people that less of them are subject to this hate or negative indoctrination, attitudes will change and stealth will be a thing of the past for those who prefer to live without it.


2 thoughts on “Celebrity

  1. T'ai says:

    GREAT article and a good read. I hope someday we reach a turning-point where men who are attracted to trans women, can embrace their attractions without being ridiculed or shamed.


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